Look up information quickly, within Discord : Import, index and search your csv, data and faqs ... fast !

A bucket is a list of items with attributes like : title, name, year, suburb, description, price :

Everything is indexed, so you can find matching items fast using keyword tags.

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Show commands list :


Import CSV data into a new or existing bucket :

?import [bucket] [http://some_server/your_items.csv || drag-n-drop-your-csv ]

Search on keywords to find matching items in a bucket :

?find [bucket] {keyword or tags to find}

Page through more search results :


Show more detail :

?show { item_number | attribute }

Add a new item, specify its attributes :

?add { attrib1=value1 {att2="value 2" ...} }

Edit the current item, update its attributes :

?edit { attrib1=value1 {att2="value 2" ...} }

Bucket list and counts :



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